Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jean-Claude Bradley's links to e-resources for organic chemistry

An interesting e-resource page for undergraduate organic chemistry compiled by open science pioneer Jean-Claude Bradley.

I haven't gone through all the links yet, but my favorite so far is the chirality relationships exercise (number 10 on the list), where Jmol is used to ask chirality-related questions (NB: I could get this to load properly in Safari, but not Firefox or Chrome). 

I think this mirrors the "mental rotations", that experienced organic chemists do to answer such questions, quite accurately.  I'm not an experienced organic chemist, so I hope I didn't make too many mistakes in the screencast.


Jean-Claude Bradley said...

I'm glad you found something useful in those resources!

Jan Jensen said...

Thanks again for the list. I am happy to see you added ChemTube3D.

Bryan's quantum blog said...

I agree that the use of multimedia in the classroom is a great way to both break up a lecture and to visualize various processes. I have used multimedia for a long time. I give them away too:
I also think it a good idea to get rid of hard copy books and use ebooks only. We have just finished Physical Chemistry by Laidler Meiser and Me and the multimedia is integrated into the book. In addition there is a TOC so the multimedia is easily found for class presentations.

I believe this is the way to go and sites like this give us more and more material to draw on to use in class. Thanks very much