Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tunneling and STM

A few weeks ago, I gave a guest lecture (read: "I am at a conference that day, could you do it for me?") in a course entitled Unifying Concepts in Nanoscience. The topic was basic quantum mechanics (chapter 9 and a bit of 10 in Atkin's Physical Chemistry): particle in a box, etc.

These days, the first thing I do when preparing a lecture is to scour Molecular Workbench for useful animations, as I have discussed in a previous post. True to form MW did not disappoint, and I put together the following set of MW slides (note: you need to install MW first before clicking on it).

The screencast above shows how I used four of the slides to illustrate the concept of tunneling and and how it applies to STM.

Once again, I found animated simulations in general, and MW in particular, invaluable in bringing across complex concepts. And once again MW did all the hard work.

2012.09.01 UpdateI made a few more screencasts of parts of my lecture
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