Sunday, February 3, 2013

Getting started with JSmol

Readers of this blog will know I am quite fond of Jmol. But Jmol uses Java, which has some securities issues and doesn't work on iOS.  Luckily, Jmol has been converted to JavaScript to create a program called JSmol.

JSmol accepts all the same commands as Jmol, but setting up a webpage with JSmol is a little bit different.  Here is a very simple page to help get you started and the HTML code and be found below.

The location of the jsmoltest.html is in my home directory while the jsmol code is in a folder called "jsmol" also sitting in my hope directory.  The jsmol folder is created when you unzip the JSmol zip file you can download here.

The JSmol distribution also includes a simple example of having two JSmol windows on one webpage.  You can find that file here.

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Angel Herráez said...

Also, latest version of JSmol includes a minified / packed version of the libraries, so you only need to call a single JS file in the head.

Jan Jensen said...

Not sure I understand completely. Do you have an example?