Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Illustrating energy minimization: a simple python program

Here is a simple python program I wrote to illustrate energy minimization.  The program uses steepest descent and a force field to minimize the energy of a water molecule in internal coordinates.

If you have a Mac or Linux machine you already have python installed (Windows users please Google and/or leave a comment).  You can also get an invite for koding.com and run it there. You can run it by opening a terminal and typing "python Emin.py".

Things to play around with (once you have it running): change the starting geometry, step size (c), number of steps (n_steps), try printing out the geometry, energy and gradient for each step.

You can also try to write a similar program for other molecules (like methane), although once you have van der Waals interactions you will probably have to switch to Cartesian coordinates and things get complicated.

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